Commercial Solutions

“Delivered on Time & on Budget”


By utilizing modular construction, a company can reliably depend on cost estimates and timelines. Building in this manner is extremely appealing for companies that have well defined requirements. Modular construction is conducive to the needs of any commercial real estate endeavor.

  1. Building with the speed and efficiency of modular construction means your commercial space or office building can open sooner. Earlier occupancy means your operations can start generating revenue faster.
  2. The controlled environment of our manufacturing facility ensures cost certainty, as all materials are procured at the start of the project. This greatly eliminates cost escalation as projects proceed.

Some Applications Include:

Factory, Industrial & Agricultural

“Built to Grow with Your Company”

Nexus has taken the lead on creating custom built steel frame units specifically designed from the ground up for the cannabis industry.

Nexus has specifically designed a line of products that meet the requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries with a focus on the legal cannabis sector. We have design solutions that are geared towards cannabis cultivation, processing, extraction, laboratory testing and research.

Whether you are a micro applicant or a standard producer/processor - Nexus has a solution designed specifically for your application. Contact us to start your project.

Case Study

Agricultural Installation Cedar, British Columbia

Nexus was brought on to provide a modular solution for an agricultural business in a rural area south of Nanaimo British Columbia. 12 modules were built in our factory for a total square footage of 4,000 sq.ft. Concurrent with construction of the modular components in our factory, a simple concrete foundation with perimeter walls and concrete posts was built on site. Delivery and installation was accomplished in one day, site services were hooked up within two weeks and the entire project was complete in under 8 weeks.