The Backyard Apartment

“We have plans for you…”

There is a shift in city planning towards higher density and the Backyard Apartment is uniquely designed to side-step all the liabilities of a traditional basement suite or in-law suite located within an existing building.

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Privacy
    It is not always comfortable to have another party living under your roof. The Backyard Apartment is literally in your back yard, so there is distance, privacy and security.

  2. Building Code Conformity
    Basements, attics and garages are not always able to accommodate a legal suite. There are fire code regulations, minimum height restrictions and utilities to separate. The Backyard Apartment solves all that with CSA approved building techniques and rubber stamp approval.

  3. Ease of Construction
    Whenever an existing structure is modified there are additional requirements for planning, drafting, structural changes, electrical, and plumbing. There are permits and inspections, delays and a never-ending parade of contractors accessing your home for months. The Backyard Apartment is delivered in one day.

  4. Increased Property Values
    Whether you use your Backyard Apartment for a rental, an office, a studio or additional family accommodation, the value of your property as a whole will increase dramatically compared to converting your existing house. New owners will see your property as “flexible” rather than set in stone.

  5. Rental Income
    One of the main reasons homeowners build garden suites is for the rental income. Imagine receiving an extra $1,500 every month ($18,000 annually) for your garden suite. And imagine using existing equity to finance the build without any out of pocket expense. Additionally, separate buildings command higher rent than basements suites.

  6. Downsizing
    Homeowners can build a Backyard Apartment and plan a shift to the smaller home. You can stay in the same great neighborhood, without the expenses that come with living in your larger house. A shift to your new smaller home will save you the cost of moving, provide rental income on your main home or allow you to transfer the family home to family.

  7. Office
    A home office inside your existing house has limited utility. It is often hard to have visitors and hard to separate from the bustle of home life. The Backyard Apartment has the flexibility to operate as a stand alone building and become whatever you want it to be in the future.

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Studios and Outbuildings

“We Deliver Value”

Using modular construction, we can deliver a turn-key guest suite, art studio, yoga studio, or the ultimate home office. Our auxiliary buildings are cool, versatile, architecturally designed and engineered to last.

Each design can be modified to suit your needs. Easily add doors, windows, plumbing, electricity, fireplace a deck or pretty much anything you can imagination.

Our outbuildings are prefabricated in the factory to precise standards that can’t be achieved with traditional on-site “stick built” construction methods.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail are key factors when we build, and we are always careful to choose durable, long lasting materials. This focus on quality ensures your outbuilding will make a welcome addition to any piece of property.