Supportive Housing

“Transparency in Real Estate Development”

The Nexus building system is a comprehensive building system designed, engineered, and manufactured to consistently produce high-quality, low-cost, connected housing.

At Nexus, we create a process that turns real estate development into a transparent and easily managed service rather than the uneven and inconsistent industry that the traditional development and construction process has been known for. Removing complexity, while increasing productivity and efficiency, allows a system that generates low cost, secure, and resilient housing. Creation of high quality, low cost housing for all can only come through public, private, and civil society partnerships. This approach ensures that taxpayers, private corporations and not-for-profit partner’s investments are utilized to create the maximum amount of housing. With the complexity and inconsistency of development removed from the process, governmental agencies under the microscope of public opinion can spearhead housing initiatives with confidence.

Nexus has designed a specific line of products that are geared towards the affordable housing sector. As a company, we are eager to step up to the plate with ready to implement solutions to solve one of the largest crises of our time. Being a local British Columbia base company, we are keenly aware of the issues surrounding affordable housing and we are here to do our part and offer quality solutions that fit budgetary constraints.