Frequently Asked Questions

What is CSA certification?

CSA stands for Canadian Standards Association. CSA certifies all kinds of goods from washing machines to modular homes. While a normal building requires engineering and building inspections, a CSA-certified home has already met the local requirements for home building. Nexus CSA units meet (and exceed) the standards for B.C., Alberta and provinces using the National Building Code.

“CSA-certified” is an assurance of the design, quality and workmanship of our homes. A pre-certified design and the ability to complete inspections in the factory reduces the cost of our buildings and results in a faster turn around on delivery.

What quality materials are used in your builds?

All our materials meet or exceed local building codes. We use plywood sheeting (no OSB used), Engineered TJI Silent floor system, Premium Thermoproof double pane windows, Hardie siding or galvanized steel siding, and Low Voltage LED lighting for reduced energy consumption.

How is modular construction better than a contractor building in my backyard?

  1. Much faster: we don’t have weather delays and we can fabricate the building and set up the foundation at the same time. We don’t charge for daily set up and daily clean up – our workers arrive to an environment set up for production from the previous day.
  2. More cost efficient: we have much less material waste and time waste.
  3. Better quality product: we build inside, nothing gets wet until we say.
  4. Less site time: renovations, additions and additional construction on your property means you have trades coming and going for weeks or months. Our installation crew is only at your site for a handful of days.
  5. Less site mess: we strive for minimal impact to your site, we’re there to deliver you a home.

How do I start the process?

Our first step is a no-cost visit to your home and assess the location along with your needs. Once we establish that we will draft plans and provide a detailed quote. If you approve we will proceed to apply to the city to provide services and permits.

How long will this take?

Once we start construction and have permits in place, we can deliver your new home usually in 90 days.

Can we make changes and customize?

Absolutely! We encourage the process to specialize your home design to suit the site and your needs.

How do I know what to do with the city and planning?

Through our construction background, our staff has experience in dealing with city planners in all communities on southern Vancouver Island.

Is there a home warranty?

Yes. We are registered with the national home warranty program.

Can we add solar panels?

Definitely. We encourage any systems that reduce energy consumption including off-grid and passive designs.

Can you deliver off Vancouver Island or to remote locations?

Yes. We love to innovate and will consider all options, including barging.

Can we have a gas fireplace or woodstove?

Yes. We are heating experts with over 35 years in the heating business and can offer gas or wood options no problem.

Can we have a composting toilet?


Do I need a concrete foundation or cement slab?

We offer several different options for site preparation including low impact screw piles.