Our Process

From inception, through planning and realization, we work with modular building components to suit the functionality and aesthetic ideals of clients. Due to the nature of our designs, there is significant time savings in overall time to complete a Nexus project as compared to other more traditional forms of construction. Many of the headaches of on-site construction are eliminated:

Nexus modules are built offsite in a controlled environment and later transported to the site of choice, ready to use with little or no impact on the surrounding environment.

Step 1: Feasibility Consultation

The first step in order to see if a Nexus Modular solution will work for you and your property is to start a feasibility assessment.

Step 2: Design & Engineering

We will provide you with an architectural drawing package and foundation engineering for permit submission.

Once all architectural, engineering and certification documentation is complete, all drawings and accompanying documentation are compiled and can be submitted for Building Permits.

Step 3: Factory Construction & Site Work Starts

Site preparation and foundation work is begun concurrent with factory production. In many cases, low impact screw piles can be utilized for ground anchoring for a minimum of site disruption. All Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing services are organized and brought to the site.

Step 4: Delivery & Onsite Installation

Once we confirm that your site is ready to receive your structure, we then book the crane, trucks and send the installation team to your site.

Once onsite, the Nexus Installation Team coordinates with the Crane Operator to land the individual module (or modules) onto the foundation and complete the installation. Site utilities are then connected to the home once the modules have landed and have been installed.

Step 5: Completion

Decks, railings, stairs and all exterior accessory work is completed by our installation team. Move in!